What to expect from your hammam?

Once you have acclimatised to the heat within the warm room, your Hammam Ritual will take place on one of seven white marble slabs each separated by an individually hand crafted ornate lattice. Your Kessala will use both marocMaroc’s signature products along with a traditional Moroccan soap known as black soap.

The black soap applied by your Kessala to soften and nourish the skin and prepares it for exfoliation with the kessa glove. A kessa glove is a traditional and natural exfoliator, dead skin and bacteria is sloughed off opening your pores to stimulate the lymph and circulatory systems. Your will then receive a softer exfoliation and massage. If that wasn’t enough your Kessala will delicately massage your scalp and wash your hair to deeply moisturise the hair fibres and soften the scalp.*

Every hammam ritual ends with a traditional stretching exercise that uses wide wrapping gestures to alleviate any remaining tensions and to rejuvenate the body.

*0nly performed as part of the Signature Hammam or the Indulgent Hammam rituals.

Please note

The Traditional Hammam does not include the hair treatment.