Semi Permanent Make-Up

Cosmedic tattooing provides beautifully natural solutions where colour, shape and definition is missing and can last up to three years. A consultation and patch test is required 24 hours prior to treatment. Initial treatment cost includes a complimentary top up this needs to be performed within 4-6 weeks. Thereafter, an annual top up is required.

Semi Permanent Make-Up

Initial treatmentAnnual top-up
Upper eyeliner £485.00 £245.00
Upper and lower eyeliner £560.00 £350.00
Eyebrows £525.00 £295.00
Lip line and blush £540.00 £300.00
Full lipstick (colour) £610.00 £395.00
Beauty spot £130.00 £130.00

Please note

Please note a 50% deposit is required upon booking. No guests are permitted into the beauty room during treatment, excluding interpreters.