Our highly trained waxing specialists are trained in both hot wax and strip wax application. Using Outback Gold, a soft buttery wax which shrink wraps each hair to effectively remove it from the root makes this wax suitable for even the shortest of hair and the most sensitive of skins. In order to achieve the desired result, your therapist may use one or both techniques. Each treatment starts and finishes with Outback Organics pre and post waxing products which fuse the latest cosmetic ingredients with innovative natural extracts from the coastline, forests and bush lands of Australia to soothe, reduce redness and help prevent ingrown hairs. Outback Organics aftercare is also available. For your comfort you will be provided with disposable underwear and a hygiene wipe.
Thong bikini £40.00
Extended bikini Brazilian or Hollywood £55.00
Underarm £30.00
Half arm £35.00
Full arm £50.00
Half leg £40.00
Half leg and thong bikini £70.00
Half leg and extended bikini £80.00
Half leg and underarm £60.00
Half leg, thong bikini and underarm £95.00
Half leg, extended bikini and underarm £110.00
Full leg £60.00
Full leg and thong bikini £90.00
Full leg and extended bikini £105.00
Full leg and underarm £80.00
Full leg, thong bikini and underarm £115.00
Full leg, extended bikini and underarm £125.00
Female chest and stomach £55.00
Female back £55.00
Nose £30.00
Lip or chin £30.00
Lip and chin £45.00
Full face £60.00