Brazilian Hair

Straightening & Anti Frizz Solutions

Utilising either The Brazilian Blow Dry or the Yuko Straightening system to achieve poker straight hair or the Yuko Anti Frizz solution to eliminating frizz for up to three months, Urban Retreat has become a centre of excellence for straightening and anti-frizz solutions.

Clients with curly or unruly hair that has previously been coloured may benefit from either The Brazilian Blow Dry or Yuko straightening system, a technique that utilises keratin to smooth out the hair for up to three months, whilst clients with frizzy hair are more likely to benefit from Yuko Anti-Frizz.  Frizzy hair is caused when the natural oils and moisture in your hair has been removed, leaving hair coarse and dry.  There are many things that could cause this including genetics – you may have been born with hair that naturally lacks protein, although it is more likely to be something that you are doing to your hair to cause the frizziness.  Yuko Anti-Frizz uses a blend of unique natural ingredients taken form soya, silk and wheat to smooth away frizz and lock in moisture and nutrients for a healthy shiny finish.

Oliver Daminar has built up a reputation across Europe and the Middle East as the No1 straightening and anti frizz expert and he will work with you to determine the most appropriate technique for your hair.

For any additional information or questions Oliver is available via email on