leonor greyl treatment room

Leonor Greyl Treatments

Leonor Greyl luxury Hair Spa treatments use the highest natural ingredients that are free from parabens, SLS, silicone to protect and deeply repair hair.

Each tailor-made scalp treatment takes place in a private room and begins with a close examination using a microviewer to determine the right treatment for your scalp and hair type.

Your Leonor Greyl Hair Spa technician will make the treatment in front of you, mixing together natural ingredients with the relevant Leonor Greyl products making it truly bespoke to your needs.

The Leonor Greyl Hair Spa treatments now include two new exclusive ingredients, Lake Mud and Nasturtium.

Chosen for its remarkable hydrating properties, Lake Mud, which is softer than the traditionally used sea mud, is perfect for dry hair, dehydrated roots and sensitive scalps, including irritations and psoriasis, that need a little extra nourishment and intense soothing.

Nasturtium plant extract has been introduced to help revive tired hair. Rich in vitamins, the potent natural extract offers incredible vasodilator properties to help boost blood circulation in the scalp, strengthen the hair fibre and improve growth. 

This is then applied using a paintbrush to the hair and followed by a head massage before you are placed under a hair steamer that allows for deeper penetration of the treatment. A suction pad is then applied which activates the necessary micro-circulation in the scalp helping to improve healthy hair growth and activate blood flow. To finish your technician will carry out a shoulder and scalp massage.

All Hair Spa treatments include a blow-dry in the Urban Retreat hair salon from one of our Blow Dryer stylists.

The Deep Repairing Hair Spa Treatment1 hr 45 mins £120.00
For dry, damaged or brittle hair
The Relaxing Hair Spa Treatment1 hr 45 mins £120.00
For frizzy hair
The Balancing Hair Spa Treatment1 hr 45 mins £120.00
For oily scalps
The Desentising Hair Spa Treatment1 hr 45 mins £120.00

For scalps prone to itching and dandruff

The Volume Hair Spa Treatment1 hr 45 mins £120.00
For thin and limp hair
The Regeneration Hair Spa Treatment1 hr 45 mins £120.00

Fights hair loss