Harrods Hair

We adore hair!

At Urban Retreat, the prices of our stylists and colour technicians have been based solely on their level of experience, skill and industry qualifications.  The levels range from our most recently qualified team of New Talents through to Level 6, our most experienced stylists and colour technicians.  We ensure that every single team member regularly goes on training so that they are constantly up to date with the most current techniques and trends as well as maintaining the standard of classical cutting and colouring that you expect from Urban Retreat. 

Every service you book within Urban Retreat begins with a thorough consultation from your chosen stylist or colourist ensuring the best possible experience and look that is right for you.

Hair & Colour Team

Andrew Barton, Creative Director

An appointment with Andrew Barton is a truly premium service and includes a bespoke consultation to assess your hair type, face shape and skin tone and to understand your daily needs. Andrew Barton’s expertise and passion for creating beautiful, feminine, wearable styles that will work for you and can be easily managed at home are the foundations to every style he creates.

Hair Team

New Talent

Our team of recently qualified New Talents joined Urban Retreat so they could continue in their training to become part of the next generation of exceptional stylists. Their blow drying ability is already second to none and with regular training and education, we expect the team to quickly grow through our styling ranks. 

Level 2

Our team at this level have either recently joined us or have grown through our in salon training and new talent programme.

Level 3

Having gained a solid client base, and worked consistently on their further educational programme to ensure solid industry knowledge and classic skills, with our Level 3 stylists you can guarantee a perfectly classic cut & style.

Level 4

At this level, our team have a wealth of knowledge and are fast becoming industry experts having gained recognition from industry professionals and our brand partners.

Level 5

Also known as our Elite Team and Urban Retreat Ambassadors, our level 5 stylists have over ten years’ experience and are in high demand as session stylists on photo shoots and TV commercials.

Level 6

At this level, our team drive our artistic vision and have a full all round knowledge of the industry including colour.  They are responsible for keeping an eye on emerging trends to drive the vision of our brand forward.

Colour Team

Level 1

Our team at this level have either recently joined Urban Retreat or progressed through our in salon training programme. They are fully immersed in their passion for colour in order to deliver great results.

Level 2

At this level, our technicians have gained further industry knowledge and have a higher level of colour knowledge.

Level 3

Technician’s at this level drive our creative edge and are highly skilled in all techniques of colour.  You can expect a truly personal and bespoke colour when you book in with one of our Level 3 technicians.

Level 4

Responsible for driving our technical vision, this team is highly competent in all areas of colour enabling them to create and tackle all manner of colour challenges to produce exquisite looks.