Flutter Couture Lash Extensions

The newest cosmetic trend that is becoming the most popular way of creating longer, thicker and more dramatic lashes, and Flutter is the procedure of choice. Lasting up to six weeks, remaining waterproof and comfortable to wear, these elite lash extensions will ensure you look pretty from the moment you wake up.

Flutter lashes are available in several styles with varying volume and length. Unlike other lashes on the market, they are pre-curled, resulting in a natural extension to the lashes that will last the full length of the real lash cycle. The Flutter eyelash extension application technique is specific to the Flutter eyelash artists. Involving so much more expertise than just glueing lashes on top of existing lashes, the technique isolates one lash at a time, working individually on every row of lashes, to ensure a natural and beautiful extension to your existing lashes. The Flutter eyelash extensions are the softest and most comfortable wearing lashes, and provide excellent staying power.

Flutter eyelash extensions will last for the full life cycle of a natural lash. The average cycle is 60 days, which is the amount of time it takes for a natural lash to grow in, and fall out. Flutter recommends touch-up appointments every two to four weeks, to fill in the areas where the natural lashes have fallen out and new lashes are growing in.

An instant transformation from ordinary to extraordinary, eliminating the need for mascara, taking years off the appearance of tired eyes. Suitable for both men and women, lashes are individually treated and increased in length and volume by 30%.


Flutter Eyelash Extensions are meticulously applied one at a time to your own natural lashes to increase length and thickness by up to 200%. They are also pre curled to give the eye a more open and youthful appearance. Flutter is recommended for clients looking for a more permanent solution to longer lashes.

Bespoke Flutter lashes2 hrs £235.00
A 2 hour appointment includes a full consultation enabling your Lash Technician to create a bespoke treatment suited to compliment your lifestyle aswell as your eye and face shape using either classic or Infinite lashes.
Infill and rebalance (within 2 – 4 weeks)1 hr £100.00
Lash extension removal30 mins £50.00

For the safe and professional removal of eyelash extensions, this is highly recommended. This service is complimentary with a new application.

Please note

All Flutter Eyelash Extensions are only available from the Urban Retreat beauty rooms and require a 100% deposit upon booking.