Slimming & Cellulite Treatments

It is a common belief that being overweight is the main cause of cellulite however, this is not true.  Also known as orange peel skin, cellulite is caused by fat pockets that sit close to the surface of your skin, pulling down on the connective tissue and creating small dimples.  Diet, genetics and age all play a part in this condition that affects over 85% of women today. 

At Urban Retreat we offer a core range of both manual wraps and mechanical treatments that each target cellulite and stretch marks differently.  Depending upon the level of cellulite you are wishing to target will determine the type of treatment your therapist will recommend to you.  Immediate improvements after one treatment can be seen but to benefit from longer terms results it is important that you commit to a course of treatments.

The Body Balancer

A relaxing mechanical treatment for the legs and stomach using compressed air to drain and stimulate the lymphatic system making it beneficial for the reduction of cellulite. Ideal post long haul flights and exercise and to relieve water retention and cramping. It is safe to use through pregnancy to reduce swollen ankles as the tummy section can be switched off during treatment.

The Body Balancer35 mins £50.00
50 mins £70.00
Thalgo Frigi Wrap50 mins £90.00

Your therapist will apply a bandage wrap to the body, infused with a lotion containing Thalgo patented seaweed extract and active ingredients to improve blood flow and regulate fluid balance. Thalgo-Frigi significantly boosts circulation, making it highly effective at eliminating excess fluid and toxins from the hip and thigh area.

G5 Gyratory Massage

Improves circulation by aiding lymphatic flow thus improving the appearance of cellulite. Helps break down stubborn fatty deposits around thighs.

G5 Gyratory Massage30 mins £45.00
1 hr £80.00
A firming and toning treatment for muscles using packs applied to specific areas of the body. Your muscles are stimulated by the use of an impulse. A total work out whilst lying down.


GUAM® Algae’s re-mineralising and naturally draining properties help fight cellulite, fatty deposits under the skin and water retention. Guam's patented formula in clinical trials has proven visible results of a reduction in cellulite and a minimum inch loss of 2cm after the first application.                                                    

Guam’s signature treatments start with a thorough exfoliation using a specifically selected Guam algae scrub to invigorate the circulation, open the pores and prepare the skin for the application of Guam Mud, specific for the chosen treatment site. The treatment is complete following a full body application of draining oil. Guam's unique formulas work on:                                                                                                                      

Legs and Buttocks: Anti-cellulite                                                                                                                                                   

Tummy and Waist: Inch loss                                                              

Breast Firming: GUAM®  Algae moisturises, replenishes and improves the firmness of the tissue.   

Please note: Guam is not suitable for clients with Thyriod imbalance or taking thyroxine.

Guam Double Body Wrap (hips and thighs, tummy)1 hr 10 mins £95.00
Guam Trio Seaweed Mud Wrap (bust, tummy & legs)1 hr 30 mins £120.00


The Radio frequency technology treats both the face and body, helping to improve the appearance of cellulite, to smooth and contour fatty deposits and helping to reduce sagging skin on the upper arms following weight loss.

Face Treatment

One Treatment30 mins £105.00
Course Of Six Treatments3 hrs £525.00

Body Treatment

One Treatment1 hr £210.00
Course Of Six Treatments