All our massage therapies are personalised to your needs. All commence with a welcome touch and hot towel foot cleanse and a choice of scents. Hot towels to the back are incorporated to relax and warm the muscles to achieve a deeper more relaxing treatment. Your therapists experienced touch and understanding of the body will ensure a massage tailored to meet your requirements.

Urban Retreat Scalp Massage25 mins £45.00

The neck and scalp hold a great deal of stress and tension. Relax whilst expert hands work to alleviate and relax, this treatment can be performed without the use of oil if preferred.

Personalised Massage

Our 50 minute massage is designed to focus on particular areas, such as your back and your legs ensuring that you gain the full benefits of the massage. If you are looking to experience a full body massage please ensure that you book for the 80 minute massage.

Personalised Massage50 mins £95.00
1 hr 20 mins £130.00

Thai Massage

This traditional Thai style treatment uses muscle compression, joint mobilisation, stretching and acupressure techniques to loosen your muscles.

Please note that the massage can incorporate oil if requested.

Please note the massage takes place on the floor.

Thai Massage50 mins £115.00
Thai Massage1 hr 20 mins £150.00

Chavutti Thirumal Massage

Chavutti Thirumal is a traditional Indian massage technique. Expert therapist Alison Mann uses her feet to deliver long, sweeping, therapeutic movements across your whole body, from the fingers to the toes and along the Meridian lines. The main focus of Chavutti Thirumal is to increase flexibility, enable postural muscles to strengthen, hips and thoracic area to open, and the energy channels to activate. The ancient art of healing will help you to relax and release blocked energy channels and working out deep knots.

Available on selected dates throughout the year.

Please note the massage takes place on the floor.

Chavutti Thirumal Massage1 hr 20 mins £130.00
Chavutti Thirumal Massage50 mins £95.00

Lava Shell Massage

Available within Urban Retreat Harrods, and carried out by our team of highly qualified and experienced massage therapists, Lava Shell massages are designed to soothe, relax and rejuvenate the body through the use of genuine Tiger clam shells. Originating from the Philippines, the shells heat up when a simple salt water activator is added to the blend of minerals and ingredients within the shell, including sea kelp and algae. The natural warmth of the shells is utilised in a seamless massage of heat and touch to promote ultimate relaxation, relieve aches and pains and help to release emotional stress; leaving you feeling lighter, refreshed and eased of any muscle tension.

Lava Shell Massage50 mins £95.00
1 hr 20 mins £130.00
Lava Wellness50 mins £95.00
Lava wellness provides a safe and nuturing treatment suitable for clients healing from medical treatments.  With comfort in mind, it offers gentle warmth with cooling shells to maintain your core temperature. A bespoke wellbeing treatment provding a feeling of relaxation for clients recovering from or currently undergoing medical treatments.

La Prairie Caviar Massage

The La Prairie luxurious signature Caviar massage is enhanced with the benefits of Skin Caviar to lift and firm the skin. Complete relaxation and pampering is waiting.
60mins £160.00

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Customer Reviews

  • About Personalised Massage
    My father highly recommends your services and says that it was a fantastic and relaxing experience. I shall be booking an appointment this weekend!

    Posted on: 28/11/2013
  • About Personalised Massage
    Today I had a massage appointment with Rosa in the beauty department. I have travelled the world for 15 years and get massage on a regular basis. Rosa is by far the best therapist I have been to thus far. She is extremely proficient, professional and intuitive. I plan on returning for further treatments with Rosa as well as recommending her to my fellow collegues.

    Posted on: 07/01/2013