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  • Brix Smith
    Sunday Roast

    Interview with Brix Smith Start

    - 17 October 2014 -

    I feel like I have a strong personality, I don’t need to be dressed up to show that.

    Brix Smith Start

  • Sophie Milner Perfect pout
    Sunday Service

    How to create the perfect pout with NARS Audacious Lipstick

    - 16 October 2014 -

    You don’t have to be brave to sport a bold lip, in this first edition of Sunday Service our Urban Retreat expert and NARS makeup artist, Anike Schraverus shows us how to create the perfect pout with the new Audacious Lipstick from NARS Cosmetics. Lipstick can be a tricky product to master, we are often finding ourselves with more of it on our wine glass at the end of the night than on our lips. With our expert step-by-step guide Anike will take you through the best tips and tricks to ensure your pout looks fuller, flawless and with added longevity.

  • Dajana Jackson Prosnanova
    Sunday Roast

    Interview with Dajana Jackson Prosnanova

    - 10 October 2014 -

    There is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone’s dream to come true, especially when they struggled with their shape for years.

    Dajana Jackson Prosnanova

  • Beauty Quote 1
  • Combination Skin

    The Skin Series : Combination Skin

    - 7 October 2014 -

    A recent customer survey told us that nearly 70% of our customers consider themselves to have combination skin. With so many of our customers identifying with the conditions of a combination skin we have consulted our best skincare brands to present the facts about combination skin and help you find the perfect regime to compliment your skin type.

  • Nina Parker
    Sunday Roast

    Interview with Chef Nina Parker

    - 3 October 2014 -

    Every season has its moments with ingredients… At the moment I’ve been making apple, pear and cinnamon Proseccos.

    chef Nina Parker

  • Ask UR

    I have had eyelash extensions but the skin under each eye has been irritated by the pads used during treatment. Any suggestions how to help this please?

    - 15 January 2014 -

    Of course we can help with a recommendation. HealGel Eye is a great eye care product to soothe and nourish the delicate skin of eye contours. Initially formulated as an aftercare range following cosmetic surgery, HealGel's products have been developed by Plastic Surgeons with the aim of encouraging skin healing. The Eye Gel is suitable for sensitive skin and alongside healing, promotes beneficial anti-ageing properties too so skin is not only left less inflamed but more radiant too. Aside from that, avoid touching or rubbing eyes, avoid any eye make-up for the time being and ensure your skincare routine for your eyes is extremely gentle. Do not use any harsh, drying eye cleansers or products and protect eyes from any direct sunlight when outdoors to avoid further aggravating the sensitized areas.

  • Ask UR

    I have used Creme de la Mer SPF Fluid Tint Light for many years and it was fabulous. They have discontinued it though and I am struggling to find anything anywhere near as good. I find foundations too heavy. Please could you offer any recommendations?

    - 5 December 2013 -

    It's not uncommon to find foundations too heavy for certain skin types, particularly if you have naturally good skin and all you require is a little boost to the complexion rather than full coverage. I would recommend a tinted moisturiser instead of an actual foundation. Laura Mercier's Oil Free Tinted Moisturiser is one of our bestsellers as it's lightweight formulation blends beautifully into the skin. It provides a delicate veil of evenness to skin whilst nourishing the complexion with it's beneficial moisturising properties. Available in a wide range of build-able shades - for flexible coverage, the tinted crème includes an SPF in it for added skin protection against photo-damage. We hope you like it!

  • Ask UR

    Which Unite hair products do you recommend for blonde, straight, thin, dry/damaged hair?

    - 26 November 2013 -

    Whilst I would recommend the Unite Blonda Shampoo for dyed or highlighted blond hair, I would also recommend the Pureology Perfect for Platinum Shampoo. Even natural blonde hair, when exposed to sunlight, does change colour (often to a light shade or catching natural tonal highlights). Both shampoos help enhance the vibrancy and gloss of blonde hair whilst ensuring to keep away brassy, yellow tones in blonde hair. The Unite Moisturizing conditioner nourishes hair deeply to leave it much healthier and hydrated so it will certainly help with dry and damaged lengths. And lastly, when it comes to styling products which will enhance volume, be sure not to overload hair with residual product as it will just end up making hair greasy and flat due to being weighed down by the influx of product. Unite's Expanda Dust is a lightweight texturizing powder which when fluffed onto dry hair through the roots and/or lengths will help add insta-volume. But some styling is required. This video some great little tips on how to use it. The Kėrastase Couture styling range is also worth a look as it is targeted towards volumising and styling hair. Favourites include the Spray-a-porter and the Mousse Bouffant. For any more information on any of the products mentioned please just ask again!

  • Ask UR

    What are the best products to cover pigmentation?

    - 14 October 2013 -

    There are 3 ways to tackle pigmentation as just covering up shouldn't be the solution! Always fix the skin concern first, and then use make-up simply to enhance the complexion instead of cover it. La Prairie's White Caviar Illuminating Range provides optimum care against anti-ageing, pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Follow a balanced skincare routine with a great serum or primer under make-up. We recommend NARS' Optimal Brightening Concentrate ; it's radiance-boosting formula helps correct dark spots on the skin and provide a veil of light reflecting care which makes for a flawless make-up application. And lastly, mineral powder is the best way to enhance the complexion. Laura Mercier's Mineral Powder comes in a variety of shades to adapt to all skin tones and gives a light, even finish.