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  • Ask UR

    I have oily skin, does this mean I shouldn't use a face oil?

    - 30 October 2014 -

    Contrary to popular belief, face oils are great for all skin types, even oily skin. Oils are full of essential fatty acids that help your skin stay hydrated and protect it from over cleansing, and environmental damage. Facial oils are perfect for winter as oils help lock in moisture better than face creams and tend to have a high concentrate of nutrients to help the skin combat damage and repair quickly, which can often occur easily during winter when you move from cold weather into a dry centrally heated building...

  • Ask UR

    What's a good way to determine the eyebrow shape matching my face?

    - 28 October 2014 -

    Achieving the right brow shape for your face can be tricky, especially if you have over waxed or plucked outside of the natural brow line. It can also be daunting if you have never shaped your eyebrows before. The easiest way to determine the correct shape to suit you, is to follow the natural shape you already have. Follow this simple step-by-step guide to the perfect eyebrows for your face.

  • Sadie Frost
    Sunday Roast

    Interview with Sadie Frost

    - 24 October 2014 -

    There is no rushing on Sunday!

    Sadie Frost

  • Final makeup look
    Sunday Service

    How to Create a Smoky Cat Eye with Hourglass Cosmetics

    - 23 October 2014 -

    Give your usual eyeliner flick a bit more edge for the party season with our expert Smoky Cat Eye look. Hourglass Makeup Artist, Daniela Saenz De Sicilia takes us through six easy steps to create dramatic eyes featuring Hourglass’s incredible Mechanical Gel Eyeliner.

  • Brix Smith
    Sunday Roast

    Interview with Brix Smith Start

    - 17 October 2014 -

    I feel like I have a strong personality, I don’t need to be dressed up to show that.

    Brix Smith Start

  • Sophie Milner Perfect pout
    Sunday Service

    How to create the perfect pout with NARS Audacious Lipstick

    - 16 October 2014 -

    You don’t have to be brave to sport a bold lip, in this first edition of Sunday Service our Urban Retreat expert and NARS makeup artist, Anike Schraverus shows us how to create the perfect pout with the new Audacious Lipstick from NARS Cosmetics. Lipstick can be a tricky product to master, we are often finding ourselves with more of it on our wine glass at the end of the night than on our lips. With our expert step-by-step guide Anike will take you through the best tips and tricks to ensure your pout looks fuller, flawless and with added longevity.

  • Dajana Jackson Prosnanova
    Sunday Roast

    Interview with Dajana Jackson Prosnanova

    - 10 October 2014 -

    There is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone’s dream to come true, especially when they struggled with their shape for years.

    Dajana Jackson Prosnanova

  • Beauty Quote 1
  • Combination Skin

    The Skin Series : Combination Skin

    - 7 October 2014 -

    A recent customer survey told us that nearly 70% of our customers consider themselves to have combination skin. With so many of our customers identifying with the conditions of a combination skin we have consulted our best skincare brands to present the facts about combination skin and help you find the perfect regime to compliment your skin type.

  • Nina Parker
    Sunday Roast

    Interview with Chef Nina Parker

    - 3 October 2014 -

    Every season has its moments with ingredients… At the moment I’ve been making apple, pear and cinnamon Proseccos.

    chef Nina Parker

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