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Josh Rees Hole


This Sunday we catch up with Urban Retreat's very own Hair Director, Josh Rees Hole. Since being awarded Welsh Young Apprentice of the Year, representing Great Britain at the Open European Championships and competing in the T.V show ‘The Great British Hairdresser’ Josh’s career has flourished. From styling hair at Fashion Week to creating looks to grace the covers of magazines, Josh’s expertise is unparalleled, so who better to ask for top advice on achieving an instant hair update…

Sunday Brunch Spot:

The Providores, Marylebone


Gin and Tonic – with lots of ice and cucumber.

Saturday Night - Dancing till dawn or takeaway and a movie?

Dinner out and then Barts in South Kensington or a good hotel bar.

My favorite beauty products

Favourite day of the week:

My favourite day of the week at work has to be Sundays fun-days! If I am working I’m always fully booked up but it’s very relaxing. It’s also the day my working week ends, so I know I can catch the train back home to the countryside.

Who’s your hair crush?

My hair crush has to inspire me, someone with natural, sexy waves and glamorous colours. Natural beauty and perfect highlights ... The Victoria Secret models.

So far you have won many prestigious awards, represented Great Britain and you came 3rd on the T.V show ‘Great British Hairdresser’, was hairdressing something you have always wanted to pursue as a career?

Before hairdressing I wanted to pursue a career in the Equine industry but falling into the hairdressing industry was the best thing I have done.

What is the most common complaint you hear from clients about their hair and how do you resolve it?

I believe the most common complaint to come from new clients is wanting a restyle. A previous hairdresser hasn’t listened to what the client wants resulting in the client leaving unhappy.

What is your top tip for someone who wants to instantly update their hairstyle?

If you want to change your look, you need to decide what you like or don’t like about the current look of your hair. Search through images for something you like, so you have a clear idea what it is you want to achieve. Simply adding a few natural highlights through the front could really be the perfect change you’re looking for. It’s always best to come for a consultation before, to help find the best look for you.

Steps you can take to ensure healthy hair on holiday?

The must have products, for keeping hair healthy on holiday are a good cleansing shampoo, to wash out the chlorine. A deep conditioner to moisturise and a spray-in oil to protect the ends and keep the moisture locked in.

If you could be anywhere in the world right now where would you be?

Anywhere in the world ... I would have to say in Barbados with family and the ones I love, drinking rum cocktails watching the sunset.

The best thing about working for Urban Retreat is…

The fantastic clientele! It’s a great platform and workspace for me to show my skill and passion.

What are the last three things you bought on your bankcard?

Flights to Brazil
Train tickets
Dinner and drinks with friends

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