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Emily Johnston


Should you ever find yourself in need of tips on turning a passion into a career, or want to catch up on the latest fashion scoop, Emily Johnston, the founder of Fashion FoieGras, is the go-to girl. Launching in 2009 her vision was to create a platform for breaking fashion and style news, 24 hours a day. No stranger to hard work, we take a break with her to find out where to get the best Eggs Royale…

Sunday Brunch Spot:

A little place in Brook Green called Brook’s Table – best Eggs Royale.

Bliss out treatment:

Kundalini Massage.



Saturday Night - Dancing till dawn or takeaway and a movie?

Definitely a movie – chick flick please.

My favorite beauty products

Favourite day of the week:

Saturday – it’s the only day of the week that I don’t (technically) work.

My top health and fitness tip:

Water! I drink 4 litres a day. It has completely transformed my skin and body in general.

Top tip you have learnt from an industry expert:

To not condition the roots of my hair if I want my blowout to last longer. This keeps grease from building up and allows for more volume in the hair.

What’s your beauty mantra?

Less is more.

What advice would you give to aspiring beauty/fashion bloggers?

Be prepared to work your butt off and have it never stop. You really have to love what you’re doing.

You’re a member of the Beauty Council, in your opinion what is it that defines beauty?

I think beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There is no definition but your own personal definition. If you think you are beautiful, so will the world around you.

What is your most precious item?

Sand from my home beach. It sits on my mantle.

A perfect Sunday is…

Brunch, papers and sun.

What beauty/make-up trend will you be trying this summer?

I am really getting into microdermabrasion. I know that’s nothing new but it’s pretty much transformed my skin. That and really moisturising as much as possible are two things I am aiming to up my game with this summer.

What are the last three things you bought on your bankcard?

Embarrassingly- waxing spa bill, a dress in the Net-a-Porter sale and a sandwich at Pret.

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