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Kris Hallenga


This Sunday we catch up with CoppaFeel! Founder Kris Hallenga. Kris was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer at 23, since then she has passionately campaigned to get us talking about boobs. Her latest campaign #Whatnormalfeelslike raises the question what should normal breasts feel like? Join us as we bust cancer myths and find out how she’ll spend her summer…

Sunday Brunch Spot:

Hmm my fave spot for brunch would have to be Timber Yard in Clerkenwell

Bliss out treatment:

A Reflexology and a cup of tea!


Whiskey & fever tree ginger beer and a slice of lime.

Saturday Night - Dancing till dawn or takeaway and a movie?

Dancing at home with a movie and delicious food please!

My favorite beauty products

Favourite day of the week:

Every day! I really don't know what I’ll be doing from one day to the next, which is awesome. I will admit, I love a Sunday morning lie-in too!

My top health and fitness tip:

Be kind to your body and your mind. And don’t eat crap!

Top tip you have learnt from an industry expert:

What I learnt from other CEOs is that the world isn't going to end if you don’t write that one more email. However, I still need to remind myself of that often! .

What’s your beauty mantra?

There’s no such thing as a bad hair day after you have lost all of it to chemotherapy. Also, I implore every woman to shave off all their hair at some point in their life, it is an incredible experience and will make you appreciate your hair more.

What are the Breast Cancer Myths every woman should be aware of?

It’s not just a hereditary disease! Despite the many stories, less than 10% of cases are hereditary and therefore you need to check your boobs/go to your mammograms and just be aware of what your boobs are doing. Find out what normal feels like to you. Today.

What has been the most rewarding moment as the CEO of CoppaFeel!?

Knowing that people are checking their boobs because of us, and having their breast cancer diagnosed at the earliest possible stage because of us. They therefore stand a much higher chance of surviving. That is pretty cool.

What food item can you absolutely not be without?

Avocados! Love them more than cake. And that is a lot of love…

For me summer 2014 is all about…

resting and rejuvenating (with the odd festival thrown in…)

What are the last three things you bought on your bankcard?

a cute tie dye tunic for my holiday to Slovenia, diesel for driving to and from a festival, a big fruit and veg haul from my grocery - after being at a festival all I need is GREEN.

To find out more about the CoppaFeel! Campaign here.
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