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Charlotte de Carle


Model, presenter and funny lady Charlotte de Carle is more than just a pretty face. After growing up in Leicester, Charlotte’s career took off whilst appearing in the television documentary ‘Dirty Sexy Things’ Now with a long list of campaigns behind her, including Nicole Farhi and Ralph Lauren, Charlotte talks us through her weekend habits, her best beauty buys and loving her day job….

Sunday Brunch Spot:

I'd have to say The Premises in Hackney. It’s not exactly brunch food, but as my Sundays usually go there they make a mean fry up!

Bliss out treatment:

Cup of tea and a rich tea biscuit. There is nothing a good dunking can’t fix- so therapeutic.


Pint of Cider.

Saturday Night - Dancing till dawn or takeaway and a movie?

Dancing till dawn. Sometimes you just need to throw some shapes and get lost in the music, the takeaway and movie comes after.

My favorite beauty products

Favourite day of the week:

Monday, because it’s a fresh new week, a clean slate and most people dislike it. I love an underdog.

My top health and fitness tip:

You only have one body so look after it.

Top tip you have learnt from an industry expert:

When it comes to eyebrows, more is more. Apart from the hairs in the centre that makes two eye brows one and the odd stray, keep them full. In this case bigger IS better

What makes you feel beautiful?

A shower, not to look at, to actually have a shower. Clean for me is beautiful.

You have worked on numerous modelling campaigns, what has been your favourite so far?

To be honest I don’t have a favourite, I feel blessed every time I am booked. I love my job and enjoy each job for the new challenge. Although sitting in a gondola in period costume in Warwick Avenue while voicing the words "could become our new telly" in a strong Newcastle accent was pretty amazing. Thanks Microsoft for that ha.

Is there a favourite photographer or brand you would love to work with?

Burberry has to be my all-time favourite brand I would love to work for. Their campaigns are always stunning and they are British quality at its best.

If you weren’t a model and presenter now, what do you imagine you would have pursued?

Well I got fired from my paper round, so probably a fitness instructor. Although judging by the amount of times I’ve been to the gym this year, I would have probably been fired from that too!

The modelling industry is known for being tough, how do you unwind after a hard day?

A pint at my local is usually my choice, depends on how bad the day has been. I do have a dart board which has had some pictures on in the past ;)

If you had an extra hour in the day, how would you spend it?

Either on the phone or in the company of my two sisters and mum and dad. Family is very important to me. I never feel I've had enough time with them.

What are the last three things you bought on your bankcard?

I'd love to say a Rolex but it was milk, bread and toilet paper. Not just any toilet paper though, it was quilted, because I’m posh like that. Needs must hey...

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