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Multiple - Na Pali Coast

Liquid Yoga,

The original multi-purpose make up stick, for eyes, cheeks, lips and body. For accents, contouring and highlighting.

The Facts

The iconic Matte Multiple. A multi-purpose cream stick for eyes, cheeks, lips and body.

A sheer formula - means it's easy to apply, for mistake-proof, natural colour.

Enriched with Vitamin E and acai oil for antioxidant benefits.

Liquid Yoga

Top Tip For Use

This is a hardworking product, NARS Multiple is the original, multi-purpose, make up kit essential. The creamy formula is so versatile, which means you can experiment to make the product work best for you! The colour is sheer or intense, depending on how much you use, so it works well on all skin tones. Although creamy, it effortlessly blends making itself a real staple in our summer beauty bag.

How long do you have? I could gush about this product for hours!
Firstly the colour (Na Pali Coast) is a beautiful warm bronze,
with a hint of rose. On cheeks it lifts and adds just a flush of summer colour,
creating a natural, make up look. I used it underneath foundation to create a luminous glow.
The creamy texture creates a perfect burnished, all-over eye colour.
Although the product is a cream, once blended it's similar to powder
making it a fantastic base for layering additional colour. It's so versatile using
more of the product to build up a bold, natural stained lip is easy to do
and the vitamin enriched formula kept my lips from drying out.
Every day summer make up needs to be easy, simple and without fuss
(it's too hot to faff about) NARS Multiples were made
for a hassle-free application, a brilliant all-in-one!

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