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Texturiza Spray

Unite Texturiza Spray brings you multiple hair styling benefits in one hero product.


The Facts

The finishing spray injects body into the hair without weighting it down.

Enriched with a unique mineral formula, the spray adds shine to revive dull hair.

The formula also protects against UV rays and environmental pollution to prevent damage and colour fading.


Top Tip For Use

A hero product indeed! The finishing spray creates a full-bodied,
textured look in an instant that will last all day. The formula also protects
hair from everyday stresses so it’s a great choice when styling
your hair in the morning. To apply, hold the can 8-10 inches away
from the head and spray the areas you’d like to create volume. Run your fingers through and ta-da!
Big, beautiful hair in seconds.

Why We Love it

You so often find when using volume and texture sprays
the product can make roots feel heavy or even irritated.
Not so, with UNITE's Texturiza Spray.
The formula, not only protects hair from UV rays with the use
of natural ingredients, it also contains an abundance of minerals,
vitamins and fatty acids all working to prevent frizz and add shine.
The spray is so unexpectedly light I recommend using as much as you like,
go crazy, the more you use the bigger the volume
(although perhaps keep the huge hair for special occasions)
the volume lasts all day and can be used every day,
without feeling like there is product build-up.
Treat your scalp and yourself to a Good Hair Day.

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