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Whether its cinnamon and spice or more festive floral notes that embody your home, here at the Urban Retreat Beautique we have just the selection to bring the xmas essence to set the tone these holidays.
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Chai Orange Scented Candle
With the fragrant blend of orange and indian spices, Diptyque’s Chai Orange candle brings a fresh and mellow scent
to Christmas this year
Pine Bark Candle
Have the scent of snow covered pine complemented with cedar and wood
infuse the air this season with Diptyque’s
Christmas tree scented candle
Indian Incense Scented Candle
The darker floral scent from Diptyque boasts rose and carnation aromas blended with incense and myrrh to make any royal home fit for a king.

Encased in three vibrant and festive glass votives illustrated with gold detail, Diptyque’s limited edition Christmas candles make the perfect gift to warm any room with the light of Christmas. Exclusive to the Roja Dove Haute Perfumerie.

Make it Mini
Set of 3 candles
Make it a Large
Diptyque Large Figuier Candle

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