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Caroline Kent


Writer, feminist and straight-talking Telegraph columnist Caroline Kent, specialises in giving men an honest and entertaining insight into relationships and what women really think. Caroline’s no-nonsense approach has gained her quite the following and now has men and women from all over the world asking the taboo questions on her (very addictive) blog. A beauty lover to boot, Caroline can often be found getting pampered in our very own Urban Retreat at Harrods. We catch up on everything beauty and boys...

Sunday Brunch Spot:


Bliss out treatment:

Scalp massage. Any kind of massage actually.


Pellegrino with lemon.

Saturday Night - Dancing till dawn or takeaway and a movie?

Dancing until ten, then takeaway and a movie!

My favorite beauty products

Favourite day of the week:

Tuesday. It has the perfect mix of productivity at work and relaxed mid-week dinners.

My top health and fitness tip:

Women should lift weights more. You won’t get bulky, you’ll get tight, pert, and build a good foundation of bone density (dull but massively important).

Top tip you have learnt from an industry expert:

Dab make-up on to your skin, to make it settle in and stay there, don’t slop it across your face. Also apply concealer with a brush.

What’s your beauty mantra?

Fresh food, fresh air and a good night’s sleep is better for your skin than anything.

You write about dating and relationships, for a male audience. Has this changed the way you perceive relationships?

Completely, and it still changes with every new man I meet! Men are far more vulnerable and unsure of themselves than they let on. There are so many levels of interaction and interpretation going on in a relationship that it's almost impossible for either partner to work out. Both genders place too high an emphasis on relationships as a vehicle of emotional control. Ultimately men and women want the same thing, to be loved, without the threat that if you change, the other person will leave you.

What are the frequently asked questions you receive from men in regards to relationships and dating?

A lot of people ask me “is it ok to date this person in spite of X" whether X is an age difference or a history or whatever, I usually speculate that X actually represent the emotional insecurity of the person asking the question, rather than a tangible excuse to avoid a relationship.

Favourite make-up look for date-night?

Brown smokey eyes, lashings of bronzer, and a matte nude lip. I feel most sexy when I’m channelling Bardot.

What does sisterhood mean to you?

Helping each other to fully understand our worth as women and uniting in celebration of ourselves.

3 tips I’d give to singles during summer are...

Put that third pitcher of Pimms down. Try to form meaningful relationships without the aid of alcohol. People are not as scary as they seem, actually most people are lovely. Chatting someone up is not hard, 90% of the battle is summoning up the courage to simply introduce yourself and have a friendly, pressure-free conversation. Love yourself first. I do this through grooming routines, it's meditative and therapeutic me-time.

I love to begin my day with...

A soya cappuccino and a kiss.

What are the last three things you bought on your bankcard?

A week’s worth of dry cleaning
Flight tickets to Istanbul
Chocolate cake at 1am in the Savoy Jazz bar. It's a naughty habit of mine to stop off there on the way home from a night out

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