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Safia Minney


Still celebrating Natural Month this April, we decided to delve into the world of eco-friendly fashion this week. We take a look behind the scenes at fair trade fashion label People Tree with CEO and founder of the brand, Safia Minney. With a keen eye for clothes and the strong belief that creativity, design and media could be used to change the world, Safia set about launching People Tree. For every beautiful garment it makes, there is an equally beautiful change happening somewhere in the world that supports ethical trading and sustainable sourcing. Awarded an MBE for her work, Safia’s worthy cause and incredible creations are the topic of today’s Sunday feature.

Sunday Brunch Spot:

The Duke of Cambridge, Britain’s first and only certified organic pub. I’m usually vegetarian, but I eat their fish dishes – because you know where the fish has come and that it was sourced sustainably.

Bliss out treatment:

A pedicure. I’m always on the move, between People Tree Japan and UK as well as visiting producers in Bangladesh, Nepal and India, so reviving my tired feet amidst my travels is a must!.


A glass of organic and Fair Trade red wine to chill out with.

Saturday Night - Dancing till dawn or takeaway and a movie?

Dancing till Dawn – obviously!

My Top Five Products on The Urban Retreat Beautique

Favourite day of the week and why:

Sunday, I get up late eat a leisurely breakfast, clean my flat, go walking in the sunshine and rummaging through vintage shops; finding inspiration for my next collection.

My top health and fitness tip:

Don’t procrastinate and be open with the people around you – the best methods for stress free living.

What’s your beauty mantra?

Keep it natural and make sure it’s fitting to your physical strengths and emotional characteristics – and always go cruelty free, organic and Fair Trade.

What inspired the concept behind People Tree?

I wanted to spend every pound of my money on things that change the word, people and protect the environment.

How does People Tree work to implement sustainable and fair trade fashion?

People Tree produced the first organic cotton supply chain and Soil Association certified product made in the developing world – we are the first clothing company to receive the World Fair Trade Organisation product label, certifying People Tree’s 100% commitment to Fair Trade principles.

Favourite book of all time?

‘Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business’, a book of media ecology written by Neil Postman.

I love to begin my day with…

Yoga, a cup of tea and a slice of organic orange cake; yummy!

What will we always find in your handbag?

Um…I don’t actually own a handbag –But if I did probably plenty of Fair Trade chocolate!

What are the last three things you bought on your bankcard?

A vintage 50’s dress, 400 bales of organic cotton and an organic mascara.

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