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Cosmetics 27

Essence 27


This hydrating and brightening facial fluid provides skin with the
anti-ageing benefits of natural ingredients and is suitable for all skin types.

The Facts

Formulated with just 27 ingredients, Essence 27 includes
a mix of natural and plant extracts to soothe and hydrate skin

The fluid works well on all skin types but is particularly useful for
both oily and dehydrated skins – especially those which are also problematic due to its soothing effects.
The intensely hydrating properties help nourish dry skin while also
allowing it to balance out oily skin with its lightweight non-greasy feel.

Helps boost cellular function and micro-circulation to increase oxygenation to the skin;
leaving it looking more radiant.

Top tip for use

Mix a few drops into a scoop of Baume 27 and blend together before massaging into the face. The softened consistency will enhance the flow of movements and make for more efficient absorption into the skin. The instant tightening effect of the
Essence 27 on the skins surface, alongside the Baume’s deep nourishment, will also leave the face looking brighter and healthier for a good night’s rest – which will allow the products to work to their best as your skin rejuvenates itself as you sleep – or for a long day ahead – where the blend will help skin remain nourished and fresh.

Why WE love it

Essence 27’s fluid serum texture blends
and presses into skin flawlessly creating softer,
supple skin with a more even texture ideal for make-up application.
The lightweight formula can replace
 heavy primers – particularly useful for oily
or problematic skins – for an instantly uplifting
and refining result on the skin, leaving it looking
and feeling healthier. It’s also great to press
into the skin during the day to freshen up
and revive the complexion and even light make-up.

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