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This week we include a special POTW chosen by natural skincare lover Amy-Lee Cowey; Urban Retreat’s very own Marketing Assistant. Having tried and tested a fair few beauty contenders, Amy-Lee has chosen and crowned her favourite below.

Tinted Care Cream


Delarom’s Tinted Care Cream, infused with Argan Oil.
For natural-beauty lovers seeking a delicate glow that blurs imperfections and leaves
skin luminous, this lightweight colour-correcting cream
will be your go-to skincare solution this summer.

The Facts

Contains Argan Oil, known for its intensely hydrating properties that soak right
into the skin without leaving a greasy residue or an overly shiny complexion.

A wholly natural product with anti-ageing assets, this cream is full of botanical extracts, essential oils, hyaluronic acid and provitamin B5 which work harmoniously together
to give your skin a youthful, completely natural and healthy-looking glow.

Unlike a foundation which is often too heavy in warmer weather, this cream offers sheer coverage
with the benefits of a light tint that allows your skin to breathe.

Top tip for use

In a 21st Century mine-field of foundation shades, Delarom make it easy; the cream comes in three shades. As a rule of thumb, pale skin use ‘Light’, olive skin choose ‘Medium’ and darker skin tones use the ‘Dark’. So, as you tan, you may even look to alternate between two shades for complete complexion perfection. As the cream’s coverage is very sheer however, Delarom’s Anti-Redness Cream can be used as a base to diminish imperfections; the water lily extract will really soothe the skin and prepare it for any subsequent make-up application. And lastly, a little goes a very long way with this one! A small pea sized amount will be enough to cover your whole face and neck. Use your fingers to really blend the cream into your skin and ensure you bring the product right down to your décolleté for a truly even application.

Why WE love it

Because it’s natural and effective.
For those who thought natural didn’t work, think again.
As the Queen of sensitive skin, this tinted cream was a blessing.
Its only April but getting warmer and often foundations are just too heavy
 for a full day at the office; this applied like a lotion and instantly
brightened my complexion and hydrated my skin no end.
Even after a couple of hours, the tint stayed put and continued
to moisturise drier areas without my face looking like an oil-slick!
 Used alongside the Anti-Redness Cream, I would go as far
to say this trumps any CC cream I have used before.
Oh, and the fact it’s fully loaded with
natural goodness, only makes it
even more of a pleasure to wear.

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